Frequently asked questions

When can I get access?
Portal is in closed beta. Complete the form on the homepage to get access.
What devices are supported?
Portal can be accessed via our desktop app on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Portal will soon offer access via a browser so devices like Chromebooks will also be supported.
What are the system requirements on the host?
Windows 10+ or Windows Server 2016+
What are the system requirements on the client?
The desktop app is available for Windows 10+, OS X 10.13 +, and Linux (beta)
What is the recommended connection speed to Portal?
We recommend 10Mbps or faster internet connection with less than 100ms of latency. Where possible, we also recommend using a wired connection as wireless/router connections may introduce jitter and packet loss.
How much does Portal cost?
Portal is free while in beta. We plan to roll out pricing plans in the future.
Is there more documentation?
Yes! Portal documentation can be found here.
Where do I manage my account?
Portal is provided by Paperspace, a cloud computing company. You can manage your account from the Paperspace console. There is more information contained in our Help Center.
How do I cancel my account?
You can cancel your account anytime through the console, under the settings tab.
Is private data shared with third parties or advertisers?
What's the difference between individual and team plans?
When you sign up for Portal, you start with a "private workspace." This is your individual plan. To invite collaborators, create a new team and you'll see an option to invite other users. Your private workspace and team(s) are billed separately.
How do I manage access to my Portal(s)?
There is an accessors menu on the Portal entry on the Portal list view.